Badam Wali Khajoor_(Iftaar)Ramadan Recipe(In Urdu/Hindi)How To Make Yummy&Tasty Almond Dates At Home


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A perfect thing to have while enjoying your Iftaar with your family is Badam Khajoor.
There are different types of dates. All are very good for health. Ajwa is queen of dates. It is the bestest quality khajoor and the most favorite of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassallam. Today I am sharing an easy , tasty and very special recipe for Ramadan Kareem “Badam Khajoor”, it is easy to fix and delicious recipe. This recipe helps you to regain your energy. This is one of the tastiests recipe that kills your time in making it. It is Ideal for Iftaar during Ramadan. Giving it a try will be praise worthy so do embark on it.
Surely try this out it is a perfect Iftaar item that you can prepare ahead of time and all of your friends will be asking for the recipe. No need to buy badam khajoor from bazar when you can make super tasty badam khajoor at home on low cost. Just follow these easy steps to make tasty Badam Khajoor.
Must try this recipe and collect praises by all And You can actually amaze yourself by preparing delicious and healthy badam khajoor.
It is a nice recipe for your Ramadan’s preparation. This is the superb recipe for your Iftaar parties. This recipe is not just for Ramadan but in routine menu it is also very good addition.
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Let’s Learn from this recipe how you can make yummy Badam Wali Khajoor at home :

Ingredients :
• Dates 10-12
• Almonds 10-12
• Fresh Cream 2 Tbsp
• Coconut Powder 1 Tbsp
Method :
• Wash and deseed dates
• Soaked almonds overnight and peel
• Take a date and pour fresh cream inside it
• Put an almond inside it
• Sprinkle coconut powder on it
• Yummy almond dates are ready….Happy Cooking
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