Header options in Kallyas options ( Kallyas WordPress theme v4.0 )


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This screencast should explain what the "Header options" section in Kallyas options does, what the actual option-fields do and how to use and tweak them. Also you will be able to see all the header styles and their own options, but also many other options too.
This video is based on Kallyas WordPress theme v4.0 series.

Thank you very much for watching!

Demo: www.kallyas.net/demo/
Support forums: http://goo.gl/JIhfms
Buy now: http://goo.gl/17PHFC

Disclaimer: As you have noticed, i'm not an native English speaker so you might have troubles understanding what i said. If you have difficulties or still don't understand, or if you just feel that it wasn't explained well, please let me know by starting a new thread over our support forums (link above).

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