Linux Training How to Use Linux Operating System in Urdu / Hindi Part 2

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Linux Training How to Use Linux Operating System (Complete Video Guide in Urdu / Hindi Language).

This is basic Linux Training course for Beginners. This Linux Training course is about how to use Linux OS (Operating System) i.e Zorin OS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and all Debian/Ubuntu based system.

This Linux Training series is generally applicable to all other Desktop Linux/BSD/Unix Distros (Distributions) i.e Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Manjaro Linux, Mageia, CentOS, Arch Linux, Zorin OS, Android-x86, PCLinuxOS, deepin, Ubuntu MATE, elementary OS, Puppy Linux, LXLE, Slackware Linux, Linux Lite, Antergos, FreeBSD, Xubuntu, Simplicity Linux, Black Lab Linux, Solus, Netrunner, KaOS, Cub Linux, ReactOS, ClearOS, Sabayon, Bodhi Linux, SparkyLinux, Kubuntu, ROSA, Q4OS, Ultimate Edition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, ArchBang Linux, Korora Project, Gentoo Linux, Chakra GNU/Linux, Peppermint OS, PC-BSD, Tiny Core Linux, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Studio, 4MLinux, Robolinux, MakuluLinux, DragonFly BSD, OpenMandriva Lx, 0Linux, Zenwalk Linux, Voyager Live, VectorLinux, wattOS, NixOS, siduction, Scientific Linux, Pinguy OS, Neptune, GhostBSD, Ubuntu Kylin, SolydXK, HandyLinux, Quirky, AUSTRUMI, Emmabuntüs, Trisquel GNU/Linux, Salix, AV Linux, Absolute Linux, Calculate Linux, Parsix GNU/Linux, Qubes OS, SliTaz GNU/Linux, ExTiX, RebeccaBlackOS, Tanglu, CRUX, Chapeau, Kwort Linux, Linux Mangaka, Pisi Linux, NetBSD, NuTyX, Semplice Linux, Slackel, OpenIndiana, UberStudent, Window Maker Live, SUSE Linux Enterprise, ChaletOS, Ubuntu DesktopPack, Void, ALT Linux, LinuxBBQ, LinuxConsole, Plop Linux, Bridge Linux, KolibriOS, LuninuX OS, Legacy OS, Funtoo Linux, openmamba GNU/Linux, gNewSense, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, Haiku, ZevenOS, Plamo Linux, Metamorphose Linux, Point Linux, XStreamOS, KANOTIX, KXStudio, Toutou Linux, Frugalware Linux, Pardus Linux, Linpus Linux, blackPanther OS, SuperX, Nanolinux, Runtu, BOSS GNU/Linux, Peach OSI, PrimTux, MidnightBSD, Oz Unity, SalentOS, Madbox Linux, SymphonyOS, Turbolinux, Vine Linux, AgiliaLinux, BLAG Linux And GNU, GoboLinux, Exe GNU/Linux, kademar Linux, BlankOn, Exherbo, Kwheezy, Skolelinux, Stella, T2 SDE, Baltix GNU/Linux, Centrych OS, Guadalinex, Source Mage GNU/Linux, UHU-Linux, Bardinux, Linux Caixa Mágica, MAX: Madrid_Linux, Rebellin Linux, Springdale Linux, Fermi Linux, Greenie Linux, Linuxfx, Whonix, Canaima GNU/Linux, OpenLX, PLD Linux Distribution, eZeY, Hanthana Linux, LinEx, Chitwanix OS, Sonar GNU/Linux, ARMA aka Omoikane GNU/Linux, AryaLinux, B2D Linux, BunsenLabs Linux and Point of Sale Operating System 1 (POS OS 1).

After this Linux Training you maybe able to use following Linux desktop environments i.e AfterStep, Awesome, Blackbox, bspwm, Budgie, Cinnamon, Consort, dwm, Enlightenment, Equinox, Fluxbox, flwm, FVWM, GNOME, Hackedbox, i3, IceWM, ion, JWM, KDE, KDE Plasma, Kodi (XBMC), Lesstif, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Maynard, Metacity, Mezzo, Moblin, Openbox, Pantheon, pekwm, Ratpoison, Razor-qt, SLWM, Sugar, Trinity, TWM, Unity, WMaker, WMFS, WMI, Xfce. Because all these desktop are generally easy to use.

Please keep in mind that I'm NOT going to train servers stuff in this Linux Training material. Linux servers stuff is left for advance course later on.

This Linux Training material will help IT experts beginners to start Redhat (Red Hat) Linux certification, at lest they are going to be familiar with desktop or general use.

If you are not familiar with Linux Training or Linux in general then you are requested to visit our YouTube video about how to install Linux

Linux is very useful operating system as compared with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

This Linux Training Tutorial is in Urdu / Hindi language. English / other languages subtitle maybe added later on.

This is the one part, please watch other parts to get familiar with Linux Training.

Note: Watch it in FULL screen mode.

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