Mauka mauka Ad Salman Khan Kya Pakistan ko milega final mein mauka CT 2017 Ind vs Pak final sab moh


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Champions Trophy has started
So we have enabled the voting poll.
so start predicting the winner -- Keep voting

The results are published here the next day.

Poll Results:
Day 1 : England: 65%. Bangladesh: 32%
Can't say: 3%
Result : England won by 8 wickets.

Day 2 : Australia:50%. New Zealand: 19%
Can't say: 31%
Result: Match abandoned due to rain

Day 3: South Africa=86 % Sri Lanka = 6%
Can't say=6% match abandoned=2%
South Africa won by 96 runs

Total votes= 588
Match abandoned due to rain=2%(12)

India won by 124 runs.

Day 5: Australia vs Bangladesh
Australia=81% Bangladesh=10%
Can't say= 9%

Match abandoned due to rain.

Day 6: England vs New Zealand
England=53% New Zealand=34%
Match abandoned=4% can't say=7%

England won by 87runs.

Day 7: South Africa vs Pakistan
South Africa=61% Pakistan=29%
Match abandoned=4% Can't say=4%

Pakistan won by D/L method by 19 runs.

Day 8: India vs Sri Lanka
India=74% Sri Lanka=25%
Can't say=1%
Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets { Huge upset }

Day 9: New Zealand vs Bangladesh
New Zealand=44% Bangladesh=55%
Bangladesh won by 5 wickets.

Day 10: England vs Australia
England=53% Australia=46%
England won by 40 runs by D/L method

Day 11: India vs South Africa
India=84% South Africa=12%
Can't say=4%

India won by 8 wickets.

Day 12: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan
Pakistan=60% Sri Lanka=20%
can't say=20%
Pakistan won by 3 wickets.

Semi 1: England vs Pakistan
Pakistan =85% England=14%
Pakistan won by 8 wickets

Semi 2: India vs Bangladesh
India= 87% Bangladesh=12%

India won by 9 wickets.

So its a India vs Pakistan Final.
Get ready and keep voting.

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