SEX in URDU (2/6) Heera Mandi (Documentary) www.SEX in


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Sex Education in Urdu

How to have an Ideal Intercourse?

What Sex Positions during Intercourse are Allowed in Islam?

What is the best time to have Sexual Intercourse?

Is Oral Sex Allowed in Islam?

Is Anal Sex Allowed in Islam?

Intercourse during Menses?

How to do Foreplay while having Intercourse?

How to do Afterplay while having Intercourse?

Sexual relation between husband & wife is not a sin, but its a SADAQA.

Abortion, in the light of Islamic Shariah

If Intercourse Painful?

Legal & illigal Sex Education Tool available in Pakistan

How & Whay to take Bath?

Where a new baby some form?

Sex Terminology

Basic Introduction to Sexual Organs (Penis, Testicles, Urethra, Clitoris, Vagina, Uterus, Ovaries)

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